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Privacy Policy

At the time of the booking you are requested to fill in a registration form & to sign Terms & Conditions -form. The filled forms will be kept safely by FairlyDunn either in electronic form or in printed form for two years (24 months). However, you can request the registration form to be destroyed at any time.


In accordance with Animal Boarding Licence requirements for keeping a register, FairlyDunn will need to retain part of the information (owner's name, address, phone number, dog's name, breed, microship number & vaccination date) in an Animal Boarding Register for two years (24 months). This information will be destroyed after this period.

The invoice(s) with the name(s) of the owner(s) and their address(es) will be kept for bookkeeping purposes for the current tax year and six (6) subsequent tax years, and will be destroyed after this period. FairlyDunn will never sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties.

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