Behavioural Advice


Is your dog fearful, reactive, destructive, guarding  toys/food/people or having trouble being left alone?

With all behavioural problems, the first step is to do an in-depth analysis of all the factors contributing to the issue, and to construct a behavioural management plan. My approach is to find the triggers and motivation for a problem behaviour, and then to modify the environment and apply training to change the behaviour. The goal is to change the dog's feelings thus changing motivation to prevent reccuring, and to teach coping skills and alternative behaviours.

Dealing with a behavioural problem often involves some training.  It is better to teach a dog what it can do, rather than punish it for what it should not do. Therefore, I teach the dog that a desired behaviour is rewarding and fun. When an unwanted behaviour does not result in any reward, the dog is less likely to misbehave. This method is based on learning theory, which is the foundation of modern behavioural modification. ....



If there is anything in your dog's behaviour that causes concern, do not hesitate to contact me. The earlier the intervention, the better the result. Do not think that your dog is 'a hopeless case', most 'bad' behaviour in dogs can be worked on! I offer 1-2 hour home consultations with post-visit support.


​We live exciting times, as scientific knowledge of dog behaviour increases rapidly. To keep up to date with recent developments, I constantly seek for new information relating to dog training techniques, dog cognition and behaviour.



Dog behavioural advice

 I offer reliable and responsible services

based on 30 years of experience with dogs

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