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Dog Boarding & Day Care


Since 2014, we have had the pleasure of sharing our home with and looking after over 200 dogs when their guardians are away for leisure or business. In 2021, we also started to offer Day Care.


We host simultaneously max. five guest dogs. Currently, we have two day care dogs and max, three overnight guests. As places are limited, please make your booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Home Boarding includes two daily walks (a long walk and a shorter one) and Day Care includes one long walk. The long walk lasts about an hour

and the shorter about 30 min. We are lucky to be able to walk  in beautiful countryside with lots of opportunities for the dogs to run off the lead (only with owner's consent). In addition, we have a large fenced garden (500 square meters/5380 square feet) where your dog(s) can have toilet breaks, run around off lead and play many times a day.


All dogs are treated like our family members, and each dog will enjoy plenty of individual fuss! They have access to the whole property comprising of a front room, a dining room, a kitchen, a hall, a conservatory, and three bedrooms. The dogs can use arm chairs and the sofa if you allow, and I also provide comfortable dog beds for them to lay in. Fresh water will be available at all times, and your dog(s) will be fed according to your instructions.


I am appropriately licenced by Rushcliffe Borough Council to board dogs and offer doggy day care at my home (5 star licence, number AWL0009).  Also, I am canine First Aid trained and fully insured.


Before your first booking is confirmed, we always arrange a meet & greet where you and your dog(s) can meet us, ask questions and see the premises.

Due to the home environment all guest dogs need to be friendly to other dogs and not scared of dogs or people.


Unlike kennels, we are flexible with drop off and pick up times (between 8am-9pm), so contact us to further discuss your needs.

Please note, that as our own dog is getting old, we have now decided that we do not take dogs under one year of age or any individuals that are really boisterious. We feel that we need to respect the fact that our Benny is elderly and rather shares his home with adult and polite doggy friends.


Also, we do not take any entire (not neutered/castrated) males. Furthermore, dogs staying need to be able to go for an hour walk as we cannot leave any dog behind when  going out. If your dog is not allowed off lead, (s)he has to have good leash manners (not to be a strong puller).

Unfortunately, due to very limited freezer space, we are not able to cater for dogs eating raw food or any other frozen food for any longer than a few days especially during busy periods. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Please note that as the registration process for a new client takes time, we cannot take last minute bookings for a new dog. We always do a meet and greet, and then by licencing regulations, we need to arrange a test night. As we are very busy, it takes time to find dates for these that work for both parties.

Home Boarding: One dog £30/night, two dogs £50/night. In 2024, £33/dog & £56/ two dogs. Additional day care fee may apply on the last day/night depending on pick up and drop off times.

Day Care: £23/dog/day.In 2024, £25/dog. Day care is open 8am-6pm.

For more info, please see Prices or contact me.

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