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Pet Sitting

I can look after your pets, while your are away. During a home visit, I can check your pets are ok, socialise with them, feed them, change their water, give their medication, and clean their accommondation and/or litter box depending on your pet's needs.  I can also water plants, close curtains and turn lights on or off etc. to keep the house appearing occupied.


During my working life and leisure time activities, I have provided high quality care to various wild, domestic and companion animal species, ranging from cattle to small insects. I have gained extensive experience of animal husbandry and handling as an enthusiastic pet owner, whilst working as volunteer at a dairy farm and at a cat rescue, assisting a veterinary surgeon, as a horse rider, working in a pet shop and as a university researcher studying animal behaviour.


In addition to dogs, my family pets have included cats, budgies, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, a tarantula, fish and frogs. Currently we have a dog, a hen and a cockerel. Due to my extensive experience, I have the confidence and skills required to handle all dog breeds and other animals, big and small, young and old.



'Pet sitting'
Pet sitting
'Pet sitting'
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