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Price list

I offer a range of Dog Care and Training services for competitive prices

Dog Training

I will provide private practical lessons instructing you how to train your dog. The session can be held at your home, nearby park or in our garden depending on your training needs. This service is suitable for working on basic skills such as how to walk nicely on the lead, to teach a sit or a down, work on recall, jumping up or mild reactivity cases. Its advisable to book a training bundle for continued support, good progress and the best results.

Depending on the issue, I could also train your dog myself, and afterwards show what I have taught your dog and how you can keep up & develop your dog's new skills.

For Dog Training, there is a free initial phone consultation. Full payment is to be made at the end of the first session. Online payment, card or cash. Cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, also V Pay, and contactless, Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Separate training session: One-to-one with/without owner £49/hr & £25/30min.

Training bundles for One Hour Sessions:

Silver            Two Sessions £85

Gold              Three Sessions £129

Platinum      Four Sessions  £159

Training bundles for One Hour initial session & Additional 3omin Sessions:


Iron             Two sessions (1hr & 30min) £65

Copper       Three sessions (1hr & 2*30min) £89

Bronze        Four Sessions (1hr & 3* 30min) £99

Training combined with a solo walk: One hour £40, 30 min £20. During the walk, I can work on, for example. lead skills, recall or reactivity issues. This service is also great for puppies to provide socialisation, i.e. gentle introduction to new things, places, dogs and people.

For Dog Training, the fee of £0.25/mile applies for travel over 15 miles.

Special Training Packages for Puppies


During an individually tailored puppy package comprising of four one-to-one -sessions we can cover, for example, house training, chewing, mouthing, greeting nicely, leave it, drop it, sit, down, wait, recall, walking on a leash, grooming, how to prevent resource guarding, training to be left alone and mental activation games. Price £129/4 hrs (normally £149/4 hrs).


Alternatively, combine online training with face-to-face sessions and sign up for our online course Good Dog Level 1 (£60), and book one or two 1-2-1 training sessions for a discounted price of £35/hr. Total price £95-130.

We also offer a 7 day survival guide to advise you before the puppy comes home and to support you during the first seven crucial days of settling your new puppy in and setting you all up to success from the first day and night! It comprises of 1.5 hr initial visit and phone/online support during the first week (£69 in total).

Online Training

We are excited to have the opportunity to team up with the world-class trainers from The School of Canine Science (known from the TV) offering you a six week course titled 'Good Dog Level 1' for £60. You can work with your dog at your own pace whilst learning from top trainers! Learn more about the course here.  To complement the course, I offer up to two 1-2-1 sessions for discounted price of £35/hr (normally £49/one or £84/two).

We also offer 1-2-1 training and behavioural advice consultations via WhatsApp or Zoom at £39/hour.


Dog Behavioural Consultation


Does your dog guard it's food or toys? Go mad when it sees other dogs? Afraid of fireworks, people, dogs? Soil the house? Follow you everywhere? Destroy the house when left  alone?


This service is suitable for solving behavioural problems that need in-depth analysis and special expertise to make a rehabilitation plan. Many behavioural issues arise from health problems, thus it is advisable to have a health check prior to an behavioural assessment.

For Dog Behavioural Advice, there is a free initial phone consultation. The fee of £0.25/mile applies for travel over 15 miles.

Home consultations

Consultation fee (£200) includes the assessment (1-2 hrs), written instructions (a behavioural programme), a second visit to go through the programme, and full phone and email/WhatsApp support after the sessions for three months.


Deposit of £60 to be paid before the 1st session and the rest (£140) at the end of the first session. Any additional training after the second visit is charged separately at discounted price of £39/hour.

Payment by card, cash or online banking. Cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, also V Pay, and contactless, Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Separation issues

Problems with being left alone are very common and require  relatively intensive training programme to solve. Therefore, I have developed a consultation & training  package consisting of four one hour sessions either at your home or online (which ever is the most suitable). In addition, we will use online applications for a heads up once a day, so that we can adjust the training plan when needed.

Firstly, I will analyse your dog's individual case and then I work together with you on daily basis (Mon-Fri) whilst you implement the modification programme over four consecutive weeks.  In addition, I offer free phone or email/WhatsApp support for a month after the last week of training. The fee for the four week package is £299 (£90 deposit to be paid before the first session). 

If your dog suffers from spearation issues, please contact me for free 15-30min chat to discuss your situation.

Animal Training & Behaviour

Solving behavioural issues of other pet species and/or teaching tricks, £39/hour. Excluding horses. The fee of £0.25/mile applies for travel over 15 miles.

Home Boarding &  Day Care for dogs

I am licensed to care for up to five guest dogs at my home by Rushcliffe Borough Council with 5 star licence for 3 years (2022-2024)(Licence number AWL0009)

Home Boarding:  £33/dog for 24hr (£56/two dogs). Minimum booking is two nights. Free test stay of 2hr. Test night required for new clients (by law, normal  fee applies).

Day Care:  £25/dog per day. We do not offer discounts for half days, as each dog takes one of our five places /day allowed by the licence.

Home Boarding & Day Care: Please note that we currently only take dogs over one year of age and who are not very boisterous due to my own dog getting old and finding the youngsters a bit too much. However, if you have a particularly calm and polite dog under one year old, please get in touch and we can arrange a meet and greet to assess his/her suitability. Thank you.

Before a booking with a new customer is confirmed, a greet and meet is always arranged to see if your dog(s) like(s) mine, and to give you an opportunity to meet us and see the property.

To avoid upset tummies, please bring the food your dog is used to, enough to last the whole stay. You do not have to bring any treats and chews, as they are included in the price (given with your consent only).


Annual booster vaccinations for all guest dogs are required by the law. Kennel cough vaccination is recommended, but not compulsory. I also require up-to-date flea & worming treatments.


 In case of an illness or an injury of a dog in my care, I will seek veterinary care for the pet as soon as possible. The owner is responsible for any financial cost of veterinary treatment due to an pre-existing or sudden illness, as my insurance covers accidental incidents only. If an owner requires a dog to be exercised off of the lead, the owner shall assume full responsibility in the event of any loss or damage, howsoever caused.


 A 20% deposit applies to home boarding, payable within two weeks of booking being made (after meet & greet). The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Payments by online banking, check, card or cash. Cards accepted are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, also V Pay, and contactless, Android Pay and Apple Pay. Cheques need to be cleared prior to the start of the service.


On Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve & New Year's Day, the fee for Home Boarding is 200% of the normal rate.

Full Terms & Conditions available at/after the initial consultation.

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