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Dog Training


I use modern dog training techniques that are based on positive reinforcement, and are dog friendly. Dogs trained with positive methods are happy, confident, and relaxed, and want to interact with you. When you build a bond based upon mutual trust, you get the most out of your relationship with your dog!


My approach stems from my professional background in research on animal behaviour and my practical experience in dog training. I have had dogs for over 20 years, and I have trained my dogs for and competed in working trials. I have also volunteered as a dog training instructor. Due to my extensive experience with various dogs, I have the confidence and skills required to handle all dogs.


I can help your training needs whether you have a new addition to your family such as a puppy or a rescue dog, or just need help to train your dog's basic manners and life skills. I can train your dog myself or give you advice during a one-to-one session.


Each dog-owner pair is unique. Only practise will show, how your dog will respond to training, and how easy you find the techniques 'in real life'. Like with any new skill, to become a good dog trainer you need practice.


Thus, the most efficient way to get results is to first have an initial session where the training needs of your dog are assessed, and you are introduced to the training techniques.


It is essential to  book at least one additional 30 min session within a week or two to discuss any problems you have had, to finetune your training skills, and to guide you how to proceed to the next level.


Otherwise, when things do not go as expected, you might just come to a conclusion that the training does not work and give up, when all that is needed is a bit of additional guidance to help you to succeed.


Also, a good way to start is that I initiate the training, and when your dog has an idea what to do, to then teach you how to teach your dog.